Thursday, 10 April 2014

Yr2 Week 20 (Tues 18 Mar - Fifth shoot day of Shattered Reflection)

Today marked our last official shoot day (the reshoot of the disastrous club scene TBA), and today was once more centered back at Hendon. Here are today's call sheet and risk asses.:

After picking up equipment at 12 from the loan store, we moved over to our hired room at the Williams building, WG50, and began setting up at around 1:45. The first half was devoted towards the therapy scene, where Jenna and Dr Taylor (played by Bridget Mastrocola) discuss her condition, and strategies for dealing with it. We shot from 2:30 till about 4, most of the time eaten up by the noisy class next door, and the unfortunately loud noise brought on by the slamming doors outside. All this pressure came over me, and for a while during shooting, I just froze up, afraid to go back next door. It was the first time in several years I had suffered such a bad panic attack, something I had thought long since overcome.

Then, after a much needed break for food from 4-6 (also to allow time for the sun to go down), we then moved onto the next half, shooting the scenes outside the chicken shop and then Jenna consuming a chicken burger, though her condition gets the better of her and she vomits it, lasting 6:30-7:30. After that, equipment was split up for the night, and we went our separate ways.

Though the main production phase may not be over yet, at least we have now 80% of the footage in the can, so there's so comfort and relief to be taken in that. Barring my little breakdown, today went fairly well, especially the second half were everybody was on the page and knew exactly what, when and where t do. This made my life easier, and again, enabled Katarina to focus on getting the best possible filming result. Our crew and cast were very well behaved and supportive, and I do truly thank them for being so understanding.

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