Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Yr2 Week 22 (Saturday 5 Apr - Les Crabes Terribles fourth shoot day)

Today marked the last shoot day of this project, where I served as both gaffer and as a sound recordist, due to a small personnel shortage that day, up at a nearby pharmacy for Zane and Zay's last shoot day. Here was where the rather humorous scene of our lead endeavoring to get lotion for his crabs infestation took place.

Beginning at around 4pm, we setup outside the store, filming the character arriving on a rather lanky bike. Here, I simply set up a Pampa right next to the doorway, just add enough brightness to dilute any shade coming from the overhead. Moving along after about 4 or 5 takes, the shoot then shifted inside, where I was made to lay, rather unceremoniously on the ground, hold the sound recorder, while someone else held the boom. From this distinctive vantage point, we recorded our lead rushing through the aisles, trying in vain to find his lotion. Admitedly, it was not the most comofrtable of positions, lying there for several minutes as different takes were shot, but eventually, we were done, and moved long.

Next up was a rather straightforward shot/reverse shot of the lead and the attendant a the counter, as he tries to ask for the cream, but she doesn't give him much mind, eventually, and embarrassingly, calling over her superior. Then, we did a full wide shot, as well as long take, of the fron of the counter, were our lead talks with this woman, who a first, seems to be helpful, unil she drops the bombshell that the lotion won't be in for several days, and then trying to tell the character that women want more than, well, 'porking', to be blunt.

We wrapped up for the day around 8:30pm, with Zay kindly bringing us pizza and chips to enjoy afterwards. To conclude my own thoughts, I have enjoyed working on this shoot, and not just because of the free supplements! Zane and Zay are both very bright and capable people, and know what they want to do when on s4t, and the actors really got themselves stuck into the absurd material. Honestly, I have not much to complain about, if at all.

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