Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Yr2 Week 22 (Tuesday 1 Apr - Crewing for Les Crabes Terribles Day 3)

Despite what the title says, I could attend for the first day, as I was not needed for that shoot, according to the director and producer, Zane and Zay, nor Day 2, though this was due to the space constraints of the flat location for that day's shoot. However, I would then show up for the third and fourth day, which I was rather excited for.

So, moving along, today shoot began in the afternoon, around 3, I met up with the team, and we prepped ourselves up in the audition room. Serving as the project's gaffer, I was in charge of lighting, and today I only had to work with some small LEDs provided by Zane. Our first part of the shoot was set in the Grove toilets of the second floor, specifically, the ladies'. Though we drew some suspicious glances and the usual 'well why not?', we were able to lock it down and get shooting before long, though it was rather stuffy inside. Also, poor Zay, being the producer, was stuck out outside, having to ward off any new entrants, as well as ensure the door to the toilets opposite didn't slam, otherwise it would mess up the sound recording. Here, filmed our actress, playing the friend of the lead, talking to him on the phone. After a while, it was decided there wasn't enough room inside, so I had to leave. Besides, the lights made no real difference to the image.

Once that was done, we then moved out to our next location, the local Claddagh Ring Pub, which I've discussed in previous entries. Here, once we had all enjoyed a rink, I choosing Coca-Cola as I am not an enthusiast of alcohol, we moved on to our last bit of shooting for the day. In front of the pub, we filmed our actress talking to the lead, though in a much more forgiving and positive light. As we filmed, it began to get colder, so I positioned myself strategically so as to be within range of a heat lamp, as well as a chair to ease my shaking legs and aching back, while I lit her with the same LEDs as before.

Today was rather straightforward, but the crew were all very charismatic, and it made for an enjoyable experience, and hey, how can you not give some points to an experience when you are offered a free drink? Zane and Zay were very efficient and to the point, always knowing what they wanted, but not acting in a demanding or condescending manner, which made my job more comfortable and easier to get on with. Frankly, that's about all I have to say

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