Friday, 2 May 2014

Yr2 Week 23 (Mon 7 Apr - Working on Lauren's shoot)

Today, I assisted Lauren Gillespie and Ray Man on the first shoot day of their project, where I served as primarily as a gaffer, but also did some sound recording for them, However, this was a rather brief affair, as I had to be called away on other business at around 2:00.

I had arrived there at around 11am, with the shoot starting at 12. We filmed at Zane Dedlow's flat in Wenlock Gardens, who also served as the D.O.P. We shot up in a guest bedroom, the first scene set during the day and dealing with our two leads, a man and woman in their late 20s, making the bed after sleeping, and also having an uncomfortable discussion relating to a lost child. The setup here was pretty simple, with a Pampa light in a corner to help beef up the daylight. They first did a wide take, followed by a shot/reverse shot between the two on either side of the bed.

After, Ray had prepared spaghetti for lunch, which we duly consumed before moving to prepping for the night scene. To create the illusion, we shut the curtains, which was in a far corner anyway, and then keeping the light on a very low setting so as to allow the DSLR onto be able to capture the image, while still making it look dark before the lens.

However, I could not stay any longer, as it was nearing 2. Regardless, I feel the set was comfortable and calm to work in, the actors were very compliant but also chatty and friendly and amiable,  and h crew very professional. In particular, Zane, who served as D.O.P, was very patient and was easy to work with as we had to work together to create the best image and setup for the given scene.

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