Friday, 2 May 2014

Yr2 Week 23 (Thurs 10 Apr - Third Year breifing)

Up at College Building today, our tutors had organized a seminar on what we can expect for our Third and Last year at University. To summarise, here's how it goes:

  • Our dissertation is for MDA3400 is divided into three main pathways: 1. An 8000 word essay, 2. A 35 page screenplay or 3. A 12 minute short film.
  • The teaching pattern across the two terms works out as follows: Term 1 is mainly made up of normal teaching and workshops, while Term 2 is much more hands-on, and getting into the meet of drafting and production, depending on what you go with. Some of the aforementioned workshops include Pitching, Reading circles and Reflective workshops.
  • The other main modules are MDA3300 Film Research and Context and MDA3200 Film Theory, both fairly self-explanatory. 
  • Key advice from the tutors, as well as some guest Third Year speakers, is to develop you diea for you chosen subject over the summer break, and have at least three general ideas for said subject. Also, if you chose to go for making a film, you should write a script over said break, and bring in to workshops for review and advice.
Pretty much from the word 'go', I've settled on Screenwriting, as, aside from that being my best outlet to entering the industry given my rather lax technical abilities, the rather grueling and often frustrating experience of making a short this year has sort of drained my enthusiasm for a full blooded production. Not to say I'll never make another film again, that would just be silly and naive, but after what has happened, I feel that I would not, even if I got to direct hand not produce this time, be able to make something to m satisfaction, and especially not with the present resources, time and people around. Not that I'm calling anyone inexperienced or stupid, but frankly, everybody will giving their own affairs 110% next year, so I can't go around imposing demands. It was a pain this year to get people, imagine how much more so next time.

As for the seminar itself, it was well described and thorough, and it was interesting to get some immediate perspective from Third Year students, whose shoes we can more immediately get into as opposed to a teacher just telling us. I know it will be another whirlwind of events and troubles, bu I await next year with much curiosity and anticipation.

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