Friday, 2 May 2014

Yr2 Week 24 (Mon 14 Apr - Bridget Mastrocola ADR session)

Today, at long last, began the much dreaded reshoot week, with my director away, and, as seems to be my luck on this project, another spanner was thrown into my works. In this case, I did not have a proper ADR session available today, as I had already been booked out, despite my early checks. However, I was able to get one for Wednesday for Rhiannon (Jenna), so that's some small comfort. After accumulating all the needed clips from the Therapy scene onto a memory stick, I got out a boom mike and zoom kit from the loan store and then proceeded to pick up Bridget (Dr Taylor) from the cafe in the Grove.

Quickly searching around for a free room, we eventually found and settled in a free classroom in College Building. Luckily, most of the building was empty as it was Easter Week, and people had obviously gotten or taken early holidays. What follows was actually really straightforward: I played a chosen clip for her a few times, she watched it and then began to practice and mime it along with the video, and then, when she was ready, I recorded. Surprisingly, despite not being a full, professional setup, she got the hang of it really quickly, and we managed to get it all done in less than an hour, which was far shorter than I had expected.

Once done, I paid her a 'remuneration' for travel expenses, as she was doing a play over in Brighton and had to work around it to be able to come her, and for that, she has my deepest gratitude. As for the sound quality, I'd say it came out fine, without any major echo or outside disturbance. One down, two more days to go. Oh joy...

Now complied, here are the call sheets for this project:

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