Friday, 2 May 2014

Yr2 Week 24 (Thurs 17 Apr - Reshoot at the Claddagh Ring pub)

Today was the one day I had been awaiting, and partially fearing, the most: today, we reshoot the club scenes up at the function room at the Claddagh Ring. Frankly, it was the exact same scenes and shots as the previous club shoot, so check out my blog entry on that day if you want more information on that aspect. This entry will be focused more around what happened between those scenes, and the level of stress involved.
Today's call sheet and risk asses.:

Beginning at around 7:45 today, I arrived at Zane's place to pick up the equipment I had left there the previous night. Annoyingly, despite posting a clear bulletin and private messaging last night, no one was there except me and him (save for Nicole, who messaged saying she would be a little late), so it was up to us to haul everything up to the Claddagh Ring. Once there, we met up with Jamie (Mark) and Alisha (Emily), who had arrived promptly, and were raring to go. Going inside, the next hour was devoted to setup, both due to the tardiness of other crew in arriving (Claudia informed us she would be joining us nearer 11) and then, even when we had the first shot of Rhiannon walking into the club, we discovered a problem with the zoom kit. So, like a complete lunatic, I ran down to he Loan store to find another kit, which took a while as there were other people in front of me, and they had to test out the equipment beforehand to see what was wrong.

However, Zane's presence was the sliver lining in this cloud, as he got on with shooting the opening shot, as it didn't need extra sound, and then setting up for the bar scene with all three of our leads. Once I got back, out of breath and irritated, we could finally get on with the shoot, and with Claudia's arrival, duties could now be evenly spread out, with Zane=Camera, Nicole=gaffer and First AD, and then Claudia=Sound and boom op. From there, it was much smoother sailing, and though once more, despite advertising and messaging, we were without extras, Zane found a clever solution for our problem with the dance scene, as he carefully lit it so as to create a lot of darkness around our leads, and then just had Alisha and Claudia in the background to act as the 'other' people.

Once everything was done, each actor was given a 'remuneration' of £50 for their troubles in coming, and then we packed up and left. What can I say as a closing remark? Well, a lot of blood pressure probably rose today, and I don't imagine it was exactly the most sleek or smoothest of shoots that anyone had been on, but still, I can say without a doubt the results of our endeavor were far and away superior than last time's disaster. I just hope Katarina is satisfied...

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