Friday, 2 May 2014

Yr2 Week 24 (Wed 16 Apr - Rhiannon Moushall ADR session)

Moving onto the next chapter of this 'reshoot week', today I had the luxury of a proper ADR studio at the Grove, as well as assistance from sound technician Pete. Now, it was Rhiannon's turn to come in for dubbing the Therapy scene. The session was from 1-5pm. Once again, same process as yesterday, just a little more slick and efficient: played a clip for her a couple of times, she watched it and began to practice along with the video, and then we recorded. Amazingly, not having done this before, she got the hang of it fairly fast, and we managed to get it all done in about two hours, give or take.

After this was done, Pete saved the files, and Rhiannon was allowed to go, keen for tomorrow's shoot. The rest of the session amounted to Pete sitting in the studio, matching up Bridget's dialogue with video in Pro Tools, Rhiannon's coming later. However, as if I hadn't already been pushed around enough by this infernal production, it turns out Bridget was recorded at the wrong rate, being at 44.1 kHz instead of 48 kHz. While this was not impossible to get around, it meant he had to stretch out the clip, giving it at points, a sort of unnatural, mechanical sound which really bothered me. Eventually, we ran out of time, and he had to leave it for another time, though more than likely, I shall have to pick up the slack sometime next week.

Today was a mixed bag, as on the one hand, I had proper resources and help with the sound,. as well as a very talented actress who helped things run smoothly, but on the other, the annoying revelation. It was really irritating to be caught out by such a rookie mistake, and I fear I may have cost this project dearly. Regardless, I intend to push on and see what can be done later/. Tomorrow will be the most trying stage of this journey yet...

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