Friday, 2 May 2014

Yr2 Week 25 (Fri 25 Apr - Assisting with Sound editing - Shattered Reflection)

With Katarina back, and pleased with what was produced during the reshoot week, post-production on Shattered Reflection was back on track. However, due to outside circumstances, we had lost our editor, so Katarina was stuck taking care of it herself, though I was coming in to assist in the field of sound. Specifically, the therapy scene, was was left unfinished. I was meant to have done it all yesterday, but my Pro Tools skills were really rusty, and so I couldn't, and needed to do some revision.

Coming in at around 8:00am, I opened up the Pro Tools session in DMW2, and with my refreshed skills, got underway with trimming and carefully matching up the audio from both ADR sessions to the relevant video clip. I also opted to use different takes than what Pete had worked on, as I felt the 'stretched' sound just didn't s9ound right, and I wanted to find a more organic and smooth sound. Once done, I exported (or to be precise, 'bounced' each clip to Quicktime Movie), and then played them. Here, they all seemed fine and in sync. Katarina was pleased, and keen to get them into her Final Cut project.

Sadly, this where the positives end, as one we transferred over to DMW4, the clip went out of sync. Confused, I went back and tried different rates and settings, and then exported those clips. However, no matter how high or low the sample rate was, or what quality the video conversion was, nothing made a difference. Everything was synced up dead-on in the programme, and played fine in DMW2, but when took them over to a different area, they went right back out of sync again. We decided to leave it for the day, and get Pete's help on the matter later to figure out what was going on.

Once again, I seem to be this project black cat, as trouble always pops up at the most annoying and inconvenient of times. I'm thinking perhaps it might be the sound rate of Bridget's that's throwing the whole thing off, but that doesn't explain why it then plays perfectly on the DMW2 computers, but not elsewhere. Frankly, I can't make sense of it, and I just hope we may be able to find a solution to the problem before time runs out.

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