Monday, 5 May 2014

Yr2 Week 26 (Tues 29 Apr - Sound Session with Pete)

Having had perhaps the first bit of luck in a good while on this production, I managed to book a session with Pete for today to go over the sound. We had decided to drop the ADR work, as it was obvious there were other technical issues going on, and even though Pete had come in to check, he wasn't sure either why there was a sync problem when the file was taken to another computer.

This took practically the entire day, finishing up at 9:30, and only because of Pete's other commitments. Sadly, this meant we were still unfinished, and tomorrow, the deadline I might add, there was no way he would be available for any type of assistance. He did offer to take the card and data with him to see if he could do anything with it at home, but I doubt he'll have any time to do it.

Really, I don't have all that much more to say, as it's all stuff I vented about in the past, and I do appreciate Pete for trying his best. However, trying is not the same as actually succeeding, or in this case, finishing, and I'm rather concerned about how tomorrow will work out.

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