Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Yr3 Week 1 (Mon 6 Oct - Final BA Film Year overview and introduction - MDA3400 Film Dissertation Project)

So, after a hiatus and needed holiday of about four or so months, I'm finally back at Middlesex University's Hendon campus for my final year on their Film programme. We met up with some of our tutors for the year, including David Heinemann, Sharon Tay and Eddie McCaffrey, and got down to business. What follows is they key points of this little talk;
  • Naturally, for all the needed information, requirements and assignments, to fully go over the module handbook on Unihub, but the main focus points for the coming weeks would include: preparing a pitch for week 5 for what we would be undertaking as our dissertation project, there is a sot, nearly all day, allocated for technical needs/issues on Tuesday, and that come term 2, we would be getting specialized one on one tutorials for our projects, d3epending on what [pathway we chose to follow.
  • The blog is of special importance this year, as it should be used, not only to recap whatever the day's lessons may have been, but an active reflection/analysis of one's own thoughts, concerns and plans for the entire year and whatever challenges it may bring. Plus, it may be called upon as a reference for presentations down the line.
  • The best films produced at year's end do get shop around/assistance from tutors to get publicized/released at various festivals and short film gigs in order to help get one's career off the ground.
  • Following this overview, we then had some guest speakers from last year's Third Years, who went over the trials and tribulations of getting their final pieces together, as well as collaborating on other productions. The films shown included a short called Reflections, set at a swimming pool, and what the issues/safety concerns tied to that are, a documentary titled Safe Harbour about the Somail sailing community in Cardiff and how it has changed, and then, a music video called Never too Old to Dance, and what the challenges were concerning having a middle-aged/elderly actor in the lead part, given the physicality that comes with the energetic nature of music videos.
And with that, we were whisked off into another year of work, with each of our module receiving more detailed discussion in the coming days, as you will soon see. But, bringing the subject back to me and my own plans, I feel that I am going to really hone and focus my skills as a screenwriter. Not merely because I personally am not up for another round of headaches and frustrations producing like last year, but also because it's what I'm focusing on outside of University. These past few months, I've prepping a selection of scripts, feature length and televisual, to begin shopping around this year. In fact, one has already been sent off to the American Scriptpipeline Contest for Screenwriting back
in June, and another has only recently been sent off to the Stage32 TV Writing Contest for a 30 minute pilot.

The experience working on these has been both fascinating and quite irritating, given how slow the judging process can seem, and how eager one can be to get things off the ground. My big concern is just ensuring that once University is finished, to have something waiting for me at the other end so I can keep the creative juices flowing. Frankly, directors and producers don't get hired the first time around, but there's always a demand for writers, both cinematic and televisual, and I feel my skillset is best fit to this task. Let's just hope this course agrees with me....

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