Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Yr3 Week 1 (Wed 8 Oct - MDA3300 Film Research and Context - Introduction)

After a small room guff where it turns out we had been shifted to the second floor instead of the first, we met our tutor for this course, indie producer Elhum Shakeripar, mainly involved in Middle Eastern film projects and promoting filmmakers from that region, as well as a film festival programmer. Because of the delay related to room shifting, today's lesson went by a little quicker, so there isn't as much to cover by comparison to last time, and Elhum promised o really go through eahc topic in the coming weeks, so here are the key points;
  • She quickly went over the general outline of the term, where would be learning more, not just of producing, but the whole marketing/distribution machine, covering the likes of funding, festivals, legalities, gaining collaborators and finding release.
  • She quickly showed us some trailers from her productions, such as the Western Saharan documentary The Runner (the title she confesses to lament due to genericness), about a long distance runner in that part of Africa who is trying to raise awareness of the situation over there, and Reluctant Revolutionary, detailing the change sin Yemen over the course of the Arab Spring.
  • She also quickly introduced us to Charles Gant of The Guardian, who does a weekly article on the UK Box Office, and in relation to this, the website Red Track, which is used to track said box office, and how this can tell us as content creators what the market is big on/trending right now.
Following this introduction, she then quickly went over some of the keys to being a Producer, mainly during the early stages of a project;
  • The importance of understanding the market and trends, which can facilitate getting funds if your work is in line. Not just in the UK, but also internationally, so as to help generate the possibility of foreign interests.
  • The development/pitch of a project, mainly breaking it down in a manner akin to a treatment: the title and logline, the length and format, the U.S.P/Unique Selling Point and maybe, a film taster/demo of what the project may look like, should it be conducive to that.
  • Raising the funds, which can come from a variety of sources in the indie circuit, including Kickstarter/crowdfunding, special regional film agencies, pitching to companies/gaining a loan/investment, as well as the possibilities generated by Broadcast deals and the trending market once more.
And well, brief as it was, this is what was on offer today, so expect future blogs on this module to be more plentiful. However, based on today's introduction, there is a ;lot of potential; even in screenwriting, the field of my interest, funding and networking are vital to getting anywhere, and having a module devoted to that as well as getting resources for an independent production is of immense benefit to everyone. What's more, with Elhum leading the way, her experience and knowledge will prove a most invaluable source for all of us.

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