Sunday, 2 November 2014

Yr3 Week 3 (Mon 20 Oct - MDA3400 Proposal outline)

I'll be frank and say today's lecture was rather pointless, as this is information we could've easily read off of Moodle and honestly, not much discussion on the actual challenges/problems faced by our projects, was created from it so having be a group thing was a tad redundant. Regardless of my complaints however, here is the recap:

Yeah, that sums it up all too nicely (hey, I can crack the odd joke on what is ostensibly a serious work blog, no?)
  • The dissertation proposal will make up 10% of our overall grade, and is due Nov 20.
  • The outline is as follows: Name, Student number, Blog address, 700 word overview (form, themes, synopsis, tone, demographics), 600 word context, 600 word research, 400 on methodology, 200 on challenges, Assessment contract and Bibliography.
Yep, that's about it. Very basic and straightforward, and again, I question why this needed to be a full class as, unlike last week with Helen, this was nowhere near as comprehensive or detailed, and felt more like being read a list. Not a terrible amount to work with, is it?

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