Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Yr3 Week 5 (Fri 7 Nov - MDA3400 Pitching session - Our Son)

So today was the big one: I had to pitch the short script that I was to work on for the remainder of the year. I already have the presentation here on the blog, so I won't go over it again here (look up 'Our Son pitch'), so instead, this will be kept concise as to the feedback I gained from classmates and Helen, who was moderating:

  • Sadly, the 5-8 mins time limit wasn't kind to me, and I ran out halfway through the presentation. Need to work on being a faster and more concise speaker.
  • While the class admired it for being bold enough to tackle an issue as serious as child illness and the effect it has on parents, some questioned if maybe the subject matter would too relentlessly dour (in retrospect, a film I should've brought up to show that it can be done is Michael Hanneke's Amour (2011), which dealt with the elderly, death and caring for a dying partner).
  • Also, there was the question if it wouldn't be more suited for documentary if I wanted to show what this was like for real parents. While an understandable point, I counter-argued that there are certain lines you can't cross with a documentary (a subject just may be straight up unwilling to discuss) whereas, armed with enough research, you could go those extremes with fiction and not worry about that, only getting to the emotions at the core of the story.
 Subsequently, now that this journal is a while late in being published anyway, Our Son was dropped a few days later in favour of a new, more child-friendly script called 'Little Visitor'. Not because I was scared of a challenge (I still intend to develop Our Son as a full screenplay later on), but because of persona affairs that meant I was no longer as determined to tackle such dour subject matter for my final project, and instead, opt to do something a little brighter, more open and colourful. Sometimes, the darkness isn't quite so appealing....

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