Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Yr3 Week 6 - Reading Week (10-14 Nov)

So, Reading came about again, and it was time to get to work on the two major term assignments: First, for MDA3400, I had to do a full proposal for my short script (Little Visitor), which basically played out the same as the pitch, only in written form: what's about, what are its ideas, who is it aimed at, how long will it take, why should it be made etc.), each section lasting between 200-700 words.

The second task was for MDA3200, where I had to write a 1500 word textual analysis of a sequence from a film we had watched in class, breaking down what it could mean/what it's saying, and how/why. My choice was the ending of Ordet, when the wife is resurrected by Johannes, up till this point dismissed by others as a nut who said he was the reborn Christ. I felt that the religious implications of this ending made it ripe for different interpretations I could cover, filling out the 1500 words with ease and of course, detail.

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