Sunday, 4 January 2015

Yr3 Week 10 (Wed 10 Dec - MDA3300 Film Research and Context - Ethics & Progress Report)

Elhum quickly did a progress report on us, quickly recapping what we had covered in the pasty weeks, and then handing a module evaluation form which we duly filled out. It was a quick affair, so I don´t feel it needs much commenting (and I´ve expressed my sentiments here on the blog, so no need for repetition).

The main meat of today lay in discussing Ethics, which we briefly touched last week discussing legalities and defamation. Given that the medium of film can alter and manipulate, by its very definition, the use of vocal subjects naturally leads to question about representation and portrayal, which is where defamation comes back in. The easy solution if someone involved gets upset is to either settle with money, or to remove their segment entirely if it is not entirely invaluable to the story you are trying to tell in the piece.

We broke up into groups and did an exercise as a variant on this idea: we had a documentary we were shooting in a very religious area, and some of the team do not wish to enter a cemetery that would be ideal for the film´s subject matter based on religious and social values. The solution my crew came up was to simply scout and find another location that could suit the material´s theme without inciting any kind of discomfort.

Honestly, today was rather basic, and I don´t feel there´s really that much to comment beyond what I have said in past posts, both in terms of film legalities, as well as my thoughts on this module.

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