Sunday, 4 January 2015

Yr3 Week 11 (Wed 17 Dec - MDA3300 Film Research and Context - Visibility)

After a brief chat from Elhum on upcoming plans for the course (won´t go into detail here, because you´ll see the results on the blog before long), we got onto today´s topic: visibility. In this age of super connectability and information, the importance of standing out and making yourself known has never been both easier, due the variety of platform you can use, and harder, because of the sheer volume of internet traffic, as well as others using those platforms. These include the likes of Shooting People, My First Job In Film and Stage32, where you can create an online portfolio of your work, your resume and your contact details to be browsed upon by potential employers and other collaborators.

That´s not all though, as Elhum also drafted in some of her colleagues and associates from past projects to do quick interviews on how they got started and what they would advise us to do. These included Destiny Ekaragha (Tight Jeans), Line Langebek (Anonymous), Ed Owles (a documentarian), Matthew Kay (Over the Wall) and Michael Pearce (Keeping up with The Joneses). Their advice, often mixed in with little anecdotes, included, on top of the usual ´work hard and never give up´bit, staying informed of events for networking opportunities, look out for local council and community incentives for filmmakers, keep an eye on unions like The Screenwriters Guild to help with your early work and again, provide networking, and to build your own independent portfolio in the form of your own blog or website.

Some of these I have actually gone ahead and utilised, having a profile on both First Job and Stage32, as well as my own blogspot for a separate animated project I´m working, documenting the entire development history of the series, as well as teasers of the script and concept art for the characters. I very much understand and appreciate the importance of this, with today serving as a welcome reinforcing of my convictions and plans, knowing they have worked before.

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