Sunday, 4 January 2015

Yr3 Week 11 (Fri 19 Dec - MDA3400 Screenwriting workshop 3)

So today, like the last two times, those of us who are doing a screenplay brought in what we had worked on since the previous workshop. I brought in a new beta of Little Visitor, a fantasy tale for children telling of a young boy whose parents undergo divorce, now longer than last time and introducing the mother character.

Reception was once again favourable, with my fellow writers praising the improved writing, the heart at the core of the story, the increased magic, though criticism this time was leveled at the excessively long description (a challenge, as this is a very visual story and naturally, having a magical character) and again, the necessity of having a magical creature in a story with subject matter this sombre. Not unworkable for children, but there was questions over the legitimacy of doing it, so I must also solve that.

And well, that´s that for 2014. Wow, it´s been a rollercoaster. Some great personal milestones and now, perhaps my biggest project being mapped out for next year, but also some very personal defeats where I felt I had not lived up to nor wisely utilised certain elements around me, and felt said side effects dragged things and good people down with it. Primarily with regards to Shattered Reflections. All the same, I got to work on not one but two theatre productions, wrote my first two feature screenplays, one of which went off to a major American contest, as well as my first short, and also got to visit Latvia and attend an actual Film festival. Not bad if I say so myself when all is weighed up.

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