Monday, 19 January 2015

Yr3 Week 13 (Mon 19 Jan - MDA3400 Screenwriting workshop 4)

Today´s group was fairly small, no doubt in part to being the first session after the holidays, and so, stragglers are to be expected. Anyway, since the last session, my children´s script Little Visitor had undergone revisions, allowing for two full drafts to be completed. Key changes included giving the creature, now named Bobo, a more active role and having him interact with the boy, as well as expanding the mother´s role and having her engage in conversation with her husband.

Reception was good, with praise towards the humour and not overly sappy ending, as well as the character dynamics. However, it was felt the mother was a bit of a flat character, and the conflict between her and the father should be expanded upon. Frankly, I agree with these points and endeavour to push further.

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