Sunday, 4 January 2015

Yr3 Week 9 (Mon 1 Dec - MDA3400 Screenwriting workshop 2)

Much like last time, today those of us who are opting to do a 30 minute screenplay brought in what we had worked on. This time, having changed genres and gears entirely, I brought in my ´beta´ (I was reluctant to call it a first draft, as it hadn´t been finished) of Little Visitor, a fantasy tale for children telling of a young boy whose parents undergo divorce, and through the aid of a little magical creature, regains faith in his father, whom he blames for the break up.

Reception was favourable, with the class praising the strength of the writing, the heart and the imagery I conjured up, though criticism was leveled at the length, the necessity of having a magical creature given his magic isn´t all that showy or grandiose, and some rather hamfisted emotions, include a very blatant Í love you Dad´ bit that was corny to a fault. Still, I was pleased that the note had hit a sweet spot, and I very aim to rectify those complaints and expand the story further to give it all the weight it needs.

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