Monday, 23 February 2015

Black Butler (Kuroshitsuji) II: Trancy´s Tale - A 13 part Fan Series (23/2/2015)

Not the first time I´ve used the blog to advertise what I do outside of university activities, and not the first fan project I´ve mentioned here either.

So, what´s the chase this time?

"Black Butler II: Trancy´s Tale" is a 13 episode supernatural mystery-thriller series, set in Victorian era England. 13 year old Alois Trancy is a psychotic noble, surrounded by demonic servants, and tasked with cleaning the dirty laundry of Britain´s upper crust as the Noble´s Gardener. Once upon a time, though, Alois was not so wealthy, and endured a life of slavery, misery and humiliation. He made a deal with an elusive spider demon to never again endure that, and to never be alone.

Now in the guise of an upper class butler, the demon, named Claude Faustus, assists his young master as they tend to their dark work. And frankly, they are not afraid to use whatever means are required for the task... But of course, being the Kuroshitsuji (B.B.) universe, nothing is quite as straightforward as it seems, and soon, ghosts from Alois´ troubled past begin to emerge, and he will have to face personal demons that, frankly, make even Claude pale by comparison.

So, that´s the jist. Trancy´s Tale is something of an experiment: Black Butler II is something of a hot tamale in the anime world. It has its fans, as the mountain of fan art and fiction can attest, but on the whole is seen as a failed mishmash of contradictory ideas, contrived storytelling and a major misfire of the very core of what makes Black Butler what it is. Initially sold as Alois and Claude´s show, it promised to be an interesting inversion of the previous season of anime, but was nothing more than a ploy, and only took less than an episode before Ciel Phantomhive and Sebastian Michaelis were crowbarred back into the show. All that potential gone... until now.

Beyond the monsters, mystery and Victoriana Gothic that help define the Black Butler universe, I believe that the Alois/Claude team could allow for a compelling story dealing with family, acceptance and renewal, and how perhaps, even the damned can yet find some shred of humanity and compassion in the end. Also, unlike a lot of fan material on the internet, these will be presented as professionally formatted teleplays, as if these were actually being submitted for proper anime production (that I should be so lucky this early in my career!). 

So well, fingers crossed and hope I make One Hell of a Show....

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