Sunday, 8 February 2015

Yr3 Week 15 (Wed 4 Feb - MDA3300 Film Research and Context - Treatments)

In today´s workshop, we took a look at Treatments, which is where a lot of films, screenplays specifically, start life. It´s a document that acts as an overview of the project, its characters, genre and plot. However, instead of recap everything here, I´ll instead post up a link to a piece I wrote as part of my Screenwriting Made Very Easy series which details what is needed in a treatment, and what mine look like:

Besides that, as well as doing old fashioned practice on pen and paper, there were a few more details that Elhum advised putting in:
  • Other additional elements you could include are the likes of a Target Audience, the Unique Selling Point (U.S.P), the length/form and maybe, if needed, a visual reference point to illustrate how the piece will look and feel.
  • Avoid vagueness and be specific! The devil really is in the details!

There isn´t much else to really comment on, as this was a pretty cut and dry session, and well, any other topic I could discuss my above piece already does in greater detail. Elhum was once again very thorough and did come around, talking to people about their treatments and what to do, which was helpful.

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