Sunday, 15 February 2015

Yr3 Week 16 (Wed 11 Feb - MDA3300 Film Research and Context - Pitching practice)

Today´s session (I opted to go to the smaller morning session on account of the topic) centered on how to pitch before a potential group of investors/persons in relevant authority. The basic breakdown is as follows:
  1. A quick introduction to you and the project.
  2. Top line information (name, format, length, your role).
  3. The main ´crux´ of the pitch is not too far off from a treatment, just condensed: Synopsis, outline, relevant background/context, and the U.S.P. (Why now and why you?)
  4. Either end on a memorable cliffhangar, or just the old fashioned ´Thank You´and have time for questions.
Naturally, just knowing the basics is not going to be enough, so drawing from her own experience, Elhum offered the following advice:
  • Know your audience beforehand, and tailor the presentation to maximise appeal to them. After all, what´s the good in making a very visual piece if all you do is jabber?
  • Practice, practice, practice! And try timing yourself, since pitches are usually brief affairs, the it is important not to ramble.
  • Breathe and relax! There´s no prizes for passing out.
  • Be passionate and energetic. Be very visual and descriptive without going overboard or becoming pompous.
  • Introduce the key characters/players in a vivid manner, enticing the audience to want to meet them and building a stronger emotional tie.
Originally, I was to pitch the treatment for Little Visitor, but upon reflection, decided this would be a good time to try pitching at least the first season of the animated series I am developing, Very Strange Things. Despite my nerves, I ploughed on, and the full details can be found on this post, as well as my closing thoughts on the whole affair:

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