Friday, 27 February 2015

Yr3 Week 18 - Reading Week 3 (Mon 23 Feb - Fri 27 Feb) & Spider Fly

This will be a pretty brief post, as there isn´t a whole lot to say: with no assignments pressing, this week basically served as a half term break for me. So instead, I´ll take this opportunity to talk about my other major Uni project, writing a short script due to be filmed as another student's dissertation film.

The short, 12 minute script is the titular Spider Fly, and goes like this:

A compact, sleek and enticing tale in the tradition of Basic Instinct and Fatal Attraction, Spider Fly is the story of Jeff, a successful young hotshot lawyer in London. One night, he invites a dear co-worker, Christine, to celebrate a major victory at his apartment. As the evening progresses, however, Christine´s true motives become all the clearer, and Jeff struggles to tame the animal inside as she tries to envelope him in carnal seduction. 

As of this entry, we are three drafts in since the collaboration started back in late January. Each one was written in about a day, and then submitted to David Heinemann for a look over (he´s also my collaborator´s tutor), and naturally feedback took a little time to get back. Each one was positive, though the critical points were on expansion of the two leads, making them more three dimensional, as well as making the seduction feel more real and credible. 

I feel what drew me to this project was just the chance to write something outside of my comfort zone: I usually write more fantastical stories, so to go for a sort of psychological erotica was an interesting experiment. How well it turned out has yet to be seen, but the challenge is welcome.

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