Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Yr3 Week 21 (Tues 17 Mar - Little Friend feedback & Wed 18 Mar - MDA3300 Film Research and Context - Michael Pearce)

So I decided to compress these two into one post, namely because both are pretty straightforward affairs and don't give much material for lengthy individual posts.

First up, and the shorter of the two, was my Tuesday tutorial with David on my dissertation script, Little Friend, now nearing its 6th draft. His view was generally along the lines of the feedback James had given me in the last workshop: stronger emotion, better characterization, Bobo feels important finally and it could use some dialogue punchups. However, he did add that the big argument between Carl and Maria felt a little too expositional, and that adult arguments tend to be more about petty things that then spiral up, and that the ending, though fitting, was still maybe a little too sweet and did still need a tone down.

And now, onto Wednesday, out in the MDX Barn, we had a guest lecture from up and coming filmmaker Michael Pearce, whom I have mentioned before on this blog (director of Keeping Up With The Joneses, Madrugada and Rite). He took us through his films,playing extracts of each and talking about his journey from film school to finding industry work, touring the festival circuit, and the challenges each film brought to him. He often spoke also of the importance of working with actors, going over a character with them to find the truth of it, and what is the 'unseen', as well as being prepared before the shoot and having a gameplan.

He was an energetic speaker, very clear and soft spoken and very thorough in his points.The fact that he was also not that far away from us in terms of age also gave him a relatability that I felt enhanced his points and made him more on our level as young filmmakers.

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