Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Yr3 Week 22 (Wed 25 Mar - MDA3300 Film Research and Context - Final class)

Today was a fairly brisk affair, so this will be a fairly short post. Today returned to the topic of building an online presence, and so we took a look at some online portfolios by various young filmmakers (Cecile Emoke, Desire Pikhaven and Jack Weatherly), whose sites catalogue their work and contact details, often in an easy to use and inviting interface. We also took a gander at online film sites that serves the same function but also allow for networking too with other filmmakers. Some of the potential sites, some of which I have used before, include FirstJobInFilm, Stage32, ShootingPeople, UKFilmAssociation, ProductionHub, Creative Skillset, Artshub etc.

And well, aside from a low student count today (maybe four or five tops), this was the end of our time with Elhum. I will be posting up a more detailed final entry on not just her class, but a full reflective piece to detail my closing thoughts and my development over my time on the course. In terms of just an evaluation of her class on its own merits, I feel like it did what it said on the tin: it was about looking at the workplace side of film and really coming to understand the more business side of the medium, and I felt like I learnt a decent amount and was able to even sharpen up on some things I had known before but not given as much mind to (such as CVs).

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