Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Yr3 Week 23-24 (Reading Week(s) - Mon 30 Mar- Fri 10 Apr)

During this slightly longer than normal reading weeks, or weeks rather, it went down as one would expect it to: aside from plenty of rest and the indulgence in chocolate as part of the Easter festivities, the blog was being updated and assignments were slowly, but surely, being worked away on. The final essay for Film Theory was beginning life, as the final script, Little Friend, for MDA3400 was nearing its end in its fifth draft, carrying out the suggested revisions from the past sessions and aiming to make a more emotionally rounded and impactful piece.

Speaking of the end, my romance thriller short Spider Fly finished its writing at the seventh draft, and is currently in production under the direction of Florentina Iordache, and the producing talents of Ruben Duarte. Finding a nice little property by the Thames (which necessitated just a slight weak to the opening), they began filming during the first week, and aim to continue after Easter. How they will also manage to edit it in the time left will be nothing short of a miracle, but I truly wish them the very, very best of luck.

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