Thursday, 23 April 2015

Yr3 Week 26 (Thurs 21 Apr - Final Teaching week and Final tutoring session for Little Friend)

This marks the final proper teaching week of the course, though my class are already done. Thankfully, the library will be open until July, and I've still got a good two weeks before deadlines, so I'll be putting that to good use.

Anyway, today was the final tutoring session with David Cottis, who has been overseeing the development of my dissertation script, Little Friend, now in its sixth draft. His final feedback was that it was pretty much done. Maybe do a final proof read and correct one slightly off line concerning potential friends that Bobby may have, and that was all. So, what is m closing statement as far as this module is concerned?

In the end, I feel that the Screenwriting pathway on this course was decent, with regular tutor support, but lacking in feeling like an actual educational experience. There was no real study of screenwriting on the course which I felt was a missed opportunity as that would've benefited some of us who may not have been yet as confident in our skills and perhaps wanted to examine the artform in more detail. As for Little Friend itself, I can say without much doubt that considering it was so late in the process that I opted to tackle it, I'm surprised to say that I feel strongly about the work and given the mainly positive reception its gotten, that I was very much on the right track. Would I have liked to perhaps expand it further as a feature? Definitely, but I understand the limitations and the challenge of tackling this type of story was an interesting one, and I certainly believe it did help me evolve as a writer.

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