Thursday, 19 November 2015

Black Butler: Blood Winter - An all new fan series (19/11/2015)

 From the writer of "Black Butler II: Trancy's Tale" comes "Black Butler: Blood Winter", a 13 episode horror mystery-thriller series, set at the tail end of the 1910s, the era of WW1. In 1918, 13 year old Tsarevich Alexei Nicholaevich and his family, the royal Romanovs, are murdered in the cellar of a mansion in Yekatarinberg, Russia, by their guards. Their bodies are disposed of in the freezing woodland. Near dead and badly wounded, exacerbated by his hemophilia, Alexei uncovers a small hut with an unusual old woman inside: she is Baba Yaga, a malevolent demon of Russian folklore. Burning with rage, the boy makes a deal with the crone: she will help him avenge his family, and in return, he will surrender his soul to her.

Now in the guise of an upper class nanny/governess, Baba Yaga, now named Miss Beatrice Yagovich, assists her young master as they travel across 1919 Eastern Europe, hunting down supernatural chaos of every shape and size (from parasitic demons and freakshows to enormous wolves, mad monks and cursed artifacts), all the while pursuing the real architect of the Romanovs' murder, and a very infamous face from Russia's past... 

Like its predecessor, ''Blood Winter'' will be presented as a series of animation teleplays, uploaded bi-monthly. Enjoy the first episode here now: