Sunday, 27 July 2014

New Lone Ranger editorial + A Feature Length Sequel Script (27/07/14)

One year after the release of Disney's western, whose favour with critics and audiences wasn't warm at first, I have now done two more pieces on the matter. First is a third part, an Addendum, to my original 'Defending The Lone Ranger piece', available here:

And now, for the real showstopper: I and a fellow budding screenwriter/film student, have crafted a feature length fan script that acts as a sequel to the film. It was a passion project that took several months and five drafts to complete. It is available here:

Of course, feedback is always most welcome.

Saturday, 26 July 2014

MDA2300 (Film and Innovation) Interactive demo and the creative process (26/07/14)

Finally, after several months of doubts, delays and personal tragedies/mishaps, me and my team have finally finished our Innovation project. Over the course of the months, what started out as a full fledged haunted room that would've essentially been  micro budget version of Disney's Haunted Mansion, complete with interactive clues and scares, turned into  an interactive horror adventure set in a full mansion out on a lonely moor.

First, the final demo s available here:

The creative process/evaluation:
Past entries have detailed the development of the project, so this will primarily focus on the final production and editing of the piece. Around the middle of June, we finally were able to have all our schedules coincide, and after quickly organizing resources and a room at univeristy, we spent about an hour filming, having dressed up a room at the Grove Building with a few knick kancks, generously supplied by Hana.

After, there was another lull beofre post production could start in early July, which consisted very simply of a transfer of footage onto my Macbook and then edited in Final Cut Express, a home version of FCP7, and that only took about a wekk to finish up, adding effects, sound, a few touches of music as well as checking over footage.

So, after all the to-do, what are my final thoughts? Frankly, I'm mixed; on the one hand, I thank my two compatriots for their support and patience, especially given their own issues they've had this past year. Plus, for what was a lot of delays and continuous tweaks, I feel comfortable with what we produced in the end, and feel it still reflects our core intentions. However, I'm still unhappy that things went so out of control, and not just this part of the eyar but during the whole of the Innovation course; I feel that because of the demands of the other modules took much more priority and needed more work, this one got pushed to the background, and as a byproduct, things got left on the backburner. Not that I'm trying to ignite a witch hunt or scream 'lazy' at my peers, but I feel the course was not balanced enough with the others, and as a result, something had to take a hit in terms of importance and priority.

I thank my tutors very much for their patience and compromises throughout the year, but I feel that for next year, both ours and the next students, there needs to be a bit more planning and tempering of modules to allow for better balance and less dilution.