Thursday, 24 March 2016

Cannibal Novel in the works, plus new stage play and Who (24/3/2016)

So, a few fun little tidbits for you (and well, Happy Easter).

First, my submission for Time Shadows, the Doctor Who charity anthology, is now all squared off and ready to go. Be sure to visit the official website for more details. Expect it to materialize this May.

Second, I have just written an outline for a comic horror novel that I submitted to indie published Thebes Publishing (you may recall them from the aborted Sherlock Holmes short story last summer). It's entitled The Cannibal's Culinary Guide, and it's basically if you took a Rick Stein or other foodie travelogue, but had it presented by Hannibal Lecter. I've had a great love for the darker end of satire and the surreal, so this may be my chance to have a go.

And last but not least, I am now working on a new stage play titled Interviews, dealing with, well, just that.A young man goes for a series of interviews, only to face a series of hurdles and strange questions.

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