Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Doctor Who: Time Shadows - Charity Anthology On Sale Now! (14/6/16)

After several months of hard work, delays and personal to-dos, Time Shadows, the unofficial, unauthorized Doctor Who short-story anthology for the benefit of the Enable Community Foundation, is now available for order! Enjoy a collection of 25 fun, dark or wild tales with all twelve Doctors, from a variety of veteran and new authors to the franchise (including Daleks' mainstay John Peel and myself, Abel Diaz), all connected by an over arcing story giving the anthology its name, starring Twelve and Clara. It also comes with a foreword from Gary Russell, an accomplished Who author (Scales of Injustice, Divided Loyalties)and script editor during the Davies era.

My own story is a fun little sci-fi western called Iron Joe, starring temperamental old Six and his steadfast American companion, Peri. Naturally I won't spoil much, just give you the little blurb:
The Sixth Doctor and Peri are aboard the recently inaugurated Transcontinental Railroad in 1869. However, the train is soon assailed by bandits, including one whose legend has spread all over the west. An unstoppable man of metal known only as “Iron Joe”.

Get your copy here and support a really good cause for the physically impaired and disabled. Every penny counts and we are beyond grateful for it and the lives you help make a difference to:

Thanks again and hope you enjoy our collective labour's fruits,



Monday, 6 June 2016

State of affairs - real life and Time Shadows (6/6/16)

So, been a while since the last post. Not much to report I'm afraid, both due to my actual job eating up a lot of time lately, thus limiting my writing capacity, and that there are a few things cooking that I don't want to disclose until more finalized so I don't, for lack of a better term, jinx myself and make false promises.

The big thing, in fact the main thing, I will say is... this is almost at hand...

God I'm pumped!