Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Confirmation - Doctor Who short story comission (26/5/2015)

So, being a young writer thirsty for some credits that could be attained without having to have secured an agent or major clout beforehand, it seems fate dealt me a nice hand for once when this came to my attention. A charity Anthology based on one of my favourite franchises, Doctor Who:

Here' the link to the publisher's website for further details: https://timeshadowsanthology.wordpress.com/about/

So, I threw my hat in and submitted an outline for a Sixth Doctor short story entitled 'Iron Joe', dealing with the Union Pacific Railroad and an unusual and rather alien type of bandido terrorising it. Following a few chats with the publishers, I recieved this message today:

'We'd like to officially commission your story for Time Shadows: Into Abyss. Welcome aboard!
Out first draft submission deadline is Aug 15. Let us know if that works for you.
We look forward to collaborating with you!

Matt and Sam (The heads of Pseudoscope Publishing)'

Naturally, I'm overjoyed about this. I get to fulfill a teenagehood dream to work on a beloved property that has had a huge influence on me, and I get a published title to my name. Huzzah! 
More details to come as this develops. It will be quite the ride...