Thursday, 14 September 2017

Ending an era of Reviews (2010-2017)

There comes a moment in life, and it's never once, where we have to stand up and say, 'Well, time to move on.' It hurts: us humans are a consevrative bunch, taking comfort and even pleasure in routines, schedules and a general sense of 'normalacy'. However, for the sake of development, knowledge and even just plain old survival, we have to change. Lose what isn't working or not pulling its weight, and instead, focus on what is.

To that end, I am declaring my retirement from active online film and television criticism, after seven years and multiple platforms, running from Youtube, Deviantart and Blogger, to professional media and news sites like, Viral Thread and Blasting News. Decisions like these are not made lightly, but the simple fact is, I can't justify it anymore. I'm not a teenage movie geek with loads of free time anymore: I'm an adult with studies and employment to worry about, using what time he has wisely and with a clear goal in mind.

Recent years have not been kind to online content producers who don't come with a complete team at their disposal: between dwindling traffic thanks to all the competition from bigger, more professional sites, the constant tinkering of search algorithms that mess with any type of content planning and the utter collapse of ad revenue (not that I ever made a real penny from it during 'better' times) have made it very hard to justify devoting time to what is little more than an overblown hobby.

My passions lie in writing film, television, just writing period, not writing ABOUT them: I'm working like crazy to set myself up as, at the very least, a working screenwriter exploring all and any avenues to the industry, Two years of poor professional judgements and career moves have forced me to really sit down and prioritize what I want form life and sadly, that's not with reviews anymore. The time devoted to them is needed elsewhere, and what's the point in doing it if I feel far less drive than I did before?

A big thanks to everyone who stuck with me for a near decade and seen me change and evolve.