Monday, 4 January 2021

NEW WRITING - Bang2Write's Submissions Pet Peeves

Well, we're now in 2021. Boy, what a weird fog that all was, eh? Hope everyone had a fun and safe New Year's, and keep every opposable digit crossed that you kick a whole lot of posterior in the next 12 months!

To ring it in, I have once again contributed to jack-of-all-trades writing website Bang2Write with their newest guide for writers, 18 Experts Share Their Submissions Pet Peeves. The article details what readers, producers and development folk in both film, TV and books, tell what are the big no-nos when they see a new piece of work come in.

I chipped in, recalling what I had seen while working as a script/book reader for a few places. I've so many more niggles i could share, but right now, this is plenty. If I'm not enough of an incentive, the list also features tricks from superstar showrunners Tony Jordan and Ashley Pharoah, as well as agent Blake Freidmann.

Read here.


Previously, I have also written on their little miniseries, What 22 Industry Pros Don't and Do WantFirst up, here are the DONT'S.
And now, the DOS.

 (And if still want more help on actually working on your craft, I did a whole series to help beginner screenwriters here.)

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