Thursday, 31 December 2015

Moving into 2016 (31/12/2015)

So another year, another rollecoaster ride in life. Many highlights (like graduation and the birth of my darling little nephew, Elias) and many down points (the loss of good old Keith and the subsequent collapse of original development plans for Very Strange Things) but at the end, still have my family and still have my health. That's what counts.

So, looking ahead, what do I have up my sleeve for 2016? Well first, I'll be pushing harder than ever before for Very Strange Things (even recently put up some new goodies on the official blog for it:, and have been sending out submissions to just about every eligible animation firm in the UK, which is no easy or short affair! So far, got a few yes, a few nos and a lot of 'dead silence'. Keeping my fingers crossed that that may begin to change, and serious development can once again re-open. I do have one potentially strong lead, but I can't discuss more as of yet.

Next, I'll doing more drafts of The Master Heist, my comedy play. It's been quite a bit of fun, as well as a bit of hair pulling here and there, to write and I am keen to keep on expanding and experimenting with what a One Act play can deliver. With any sliver of luck, should be ready to start submitting to an assortment of festivals in late January. Similar story with my Doctor Who short story, Iron Joe.

Third, and probably biggest, Econ Films are branching out into commercial features and are testing new screenwriters to write a sci-fi/fantasy comedy, something in the vein of Groundhog Day. I'll be throwing in my hat with a few samples (as per their request) and see where that leads. Naturally, this is a big deal: if either or both this and the play work out, this will be a massive boon to my credentials as a writer, and make the process of getting other material, maybe even an agent, substantially easier.

And well, that's all I can say for now. Naturally, be sure to check out my Deviantart page, SavageScribe, for more writing goodness. Who knows where the road will lead, but all the same, best wishes to all my readers for a truly special and happy 2016!

Friday, 18 December 2015

Another 'Master Heist' draft underway (18/12/2015)

While I may not be working at my ideal top speed, mostly due to a combination of the cold as well as some outside frustration relating to employment, I can announce that work on the second draft of my one act comedy The Master Heist is underway. With any luck, by week's end that should be done, and then a third draft not too long after that.

Hopefully, it should be ready by about mid January, barring unforeseen circumstances, and be ready to go off to a few competitions.

Monday, 7 December 2015

Newest projects and a V.S.T update (7/12/2015)

So then, time for some news. What's going on?

Well first off, an important update on the progress of my animated show, Very Strange Things:

Second off, my new projects: A family feature entitled Boy in The Garden, where a young girl is evacuated to the country during WW2 and discovers an unusual boy who appears only at night, and a One Act comedy play entitled The Master Heist about what may be the single greatest robbery perpetrated in British History, or that's at least what Barry would like to think...

Progress has been slow, but quite steady, with the first draft of Master Heist in the bag.

Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Spiderfly - My first written short film, now available (13/10/2015)

So after a few months of post production difficulties, you can finally view my first short film writing credit, the romantic thriller SpiderFly. Huge thanks to the production team for having faith in my skills and seeing this through to the end.

Watch it here:
And naturally, if you can, comments and feedback are greatly appreciated. Sharing helps too!

Friday, 11 September 2015

What's in store - Doctor Who, Sherlock Holmes and pilots (11/9/2015)

Okay my dears, I have returned home, refreshed from my little holiday in Spain. Helped clear my mind after a rather turbulent few months, So, I do indeed have a few things in store for you in the near future:

Well, more Doctor Who-centric critical content with Series 9 coming soon to the website. Of course, I'll let you know news on the Doctor Who and Sherlock Holmes short stories as they develop (the former should have feedback within the next week, while the latter is still in the judging stage), and I'm hard at work on retooling the pilot for Very Strange Things, now that I've gained some much needed perspective. More news here on the official blog:

So, thanks for all the continued support over the summer and into the future, and hope I continue to impress everyone. I feel I'm beginning to come into my own, and I expect developments before too long.

Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Sherlock Holmes submission (04/8/2015)

So, what's new with me?

I have just submitted to Thebes Publishing upcoming anthology, The Strangest Cases of Sherlock Holmes, with an outline for a short story entitled The Resurrection Men, featuring a more literal sort of these infamous grave robbers, alongside zombies and mad science. Break a few legs and chuck some salt that it makes it, folks!

Saturday, 11 July 2015

New short film, more prose comissions and the near future (11/7/2015)

Been a while, but well, what's new for me and my misadventures in career starting?

First off, you can learn about the progress of my main  creative enterprise, my animated series Very Strange Things, here: New bits of concept art along with some major updates await you!

Next, I am working on a new short film screenplay for submission to an Scottish production company, Encaptivate, who are looking for tight, emotional five minute fare dealing with the theme of loss, and due in towards the end of July. My effort is called Always Tomorrow, and in the span of its five pages, deals with a young writer coping with the loss of his mentor and friend.

Thirdly, on top of my Doctor Who commission, I will also be looking to submit to Thebes Publishing, an independent publisher headed up by Iain McLaughlin, for their anthology entitled The Strangest Cases of Sherlock Holmes. Much like my last submission, they asked for an outline detailing what exactly I had to offer. So, let's see how they like the undead and mad scientists in a story featuring Conan Doyle's most iconic creation! You can find out more about them here:

Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Confirmation - Doctor Who short story comission (26/5/2015)

So, being a young writer thirsty for some credits that could be attained without having to have secured an agent or major clout beforehand, it seems fate dealt me a nice hand for once when this came to my attention. A charity Anthology based on one of my favourite franchises, Doctor Who:

Here' the link to the publisher's website for further details:

So, I threw my hat in and submitted an outline for a Sixth Doctor short story entitled 'Iron Joe', dealing with the Union Pacific Railroad and an unusual and rather alien type of bandido terrorising it. Following a few chats with the publishers, I recieved this message today:

'We'd like to officially commission your story for Time Shadows: Into Abyss. Welcome aboard!
Out first draft submission deadline is Aug 15. Let us know if that works for you.
We look forward to collaborating with you!

Matt and Sam (The heads of Pseudoscope Publishing)'

Naturally, I'm overjoyed about this. I get to fulfill a teenagehood dream to work on a beloved property that has had a huge influence on me, and I get a published title to my name. Huzzah! 
More details to come as this develops. It will be quite the ride...