Sunday, 30 April 2017

Monthly Round-Up (Reviews, articles and more) - April 2017

It's that time again, updating you on all the critical goodies, and where to find them. It's proven to be quite a busy but rewarding month for me personally, and MetFilm is going quite nicely. As always, follow my Official Facebook for all news and updates as they happen:

Over on Blasting News, I talk about the recently released historical epic, 'Outlaws' (also known as For Greater Glory), starring Andy Garcia:

After, on ThirdActFilm, I talk about what many see as the end of Williams' sap years in the 1999 holocaust dramaedy, 'Jakob The Liar':

Next, in the newest installment of ICFTBB, I talk about Ireland's own 'Fast and Furious' film... made just before the first 'F&F' was even shot, in 'Accelerator':

And finally,  I cover every episode of Series 10 Doctor Who for ThirdActFilm's WHOCap series, beginning with 'The Pilot':

Followed by evil emoji robots in a WHOCap for 'Smile'.

And now, with ludicrous speed, the 'Thin Ice' WHOCap review:

Get your copy of Time Shadows here and support a really good cause for the disabled:

And be sure to check out the ongoing journey of my own animated series, Agents In Odd (nay Very Strange Things), here: