Sunday, 19 May 2013

Channel for all of my films (19/05/13)

After so long, I have finally created a channel for all of my films, from school to college and now university, and will post upcoming work there as well:

Recently, my newest short explores a theory I have had for some time about why Reality Television is so popular, despite the constant questions of quality and morals:

Sunday, 5 May 2013

Week 33 (Fri 26 Apr - Campaign Presentation)

Today was presentations for our campaign videos, where we went in before two of our lecturers, discussed the film's production & aims, showed it, and then receive feedback from them, each of us having 15 minute slots.

Mine was at about 10:50am (or rather, it wound up being 11, due to a small delay), and the tutors were Helen and Eddie: I explained why I chose the subject of 'Ninos Robados', what research we did, what the resources we got were, and the actual filming, After, I presented my short (click here:, and then received feedback: Helen & Eddie felt that the short was well produced and shot, and certainly had a unique idea at its core, as well as a strong and straight forward call to action, but did question some of the execution choices, specifically, the reveal of the empty cot lacking a sense of punch, though I explained that originally, there was supposed to be a scream, but it was changed to crying because Harry, my producer, was concerned that the scream was too overt and telegraphing the emotion, rather than letting the image stand on its own (though I personally still feel the scream gave it a needed punch, especially considering the length).

But with that, we bring this term to a close, and what can I say about in closing? For me, this has been one of the most challenging but rewarding experiences I've had when it comes to film making: we touched on both the artistic and commercial angles of film, the first two assignments taking each one in turn and the final one mixing the two. Furthermore, I finally got to take a more proactive role in these productions, and I was able to bounce off others and play with ideas, a testament to the maturity and commitment of my peers, many of whom have produced genuinely creative and interesting works.