Friday, 11 September 2015

What's in store - Doctor Who, Sherlock Holmes and pilots (11/9/2015)

Okay my dears, I have returned home, refreshed from my little holiday in Spain. Helped clear my mind after a rather turbulent few months, So, I do indeed have a few things in store for you in the near future:

Well, more Doctor Who-centric critical content with Series 9 coming soon to the website. Of course, I'll let you know news on the Doctor Who and Sherlock Holmes short stories as they develop (the former should have feedback within the next week, while the latter is still in the judging stage), and I'm hard at work on retooling the pilot for Very Strange Things, now that I've gained some much needed perspective. More news here on the official blog:

So, thanks for all the continued support over the summer and into the future, and hope I continue to impress everyone. I feel I'm beginning to come into my own, and I expect developments before too long.