Monday, 3 May 2021

HOW DO I STAY INFORMED? - Screenwriter's Survival Kit

WE'RE BACK, and with a big one. 

 In past posts, I discussed that it is important to chase up your network every few months. On top of that, to know what’s happening means you need to follow the news in the industry. These places will often announce new shows coming out, if shows have been recommissioned for another series, or who is working with who. Often times, they will also include the names of the development team behind the show, who are people you can contact and the companies making them (companies which have development people, very important that.

Now, where are the places you need to keep up with? Well, here's a few:


Follow production companies on their social medias pages to stay up-to-date. Facebook and Twitter are the main ones where they will post news about projects, commissions and other bits of business. Mentioning these developments in your catch up email will show whoever the relevant contact is you are keeping informed and interested in them.

If you are interested in a specific show, they do often have dedicated, official (always double-check) pages on these websites, where they keep fans up to date on what's going on. 


These are websites and magazine all about what’s going on in the business. If you don’t want to, or can’t afford, a physical subscription (which can get pricey, if you follow multiple publications), you can also follow them on social media and visit their websites every couple of weeks.

    •    VARIETY
    •    BROADCAST NOW - this is the big one for UK TV.


Another good, if not vital one if you want to go into children's or animation, is Kidscreen, which is exactly what it sounds like – news on kids content. 


When you are in meetings and talking to people, don't be afraid to ask ''So, what are you working on?'' Not all projects, especially newer ones, get announced and, well, you never what one might be setting up a writer's room in the future.

Short this piece, but sweet. Knowledge is power. Go get some and become an industry He-Man (or She-Ra, entirely up to you).

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