Friday, 1 April 2016

New stage play, 'Cull', doing the rounds (1/4/2016)

So a few days back I mentioned I was going to begin work on a comic play called Interviews. However, I found I was unable to really get a good hook going for the narrative, so instead I put it on the backburner and chose to focus on an idea I've had for, actually, a number of ideas and even toyed with doing as a short film at one point. This new work is entitled Cull.

Cull is set in a dystopian near future Britain, where overpopulation and resource scarcity has reached crisis point, and so the question arises: to save the country, would its leader kill its people? Four people at the height of government debate over the merits of such a dark notion.

So now begins the round of sending out to suitable competitions and theatre companies. Break a leg or twenty!

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