Sunday, 11 December 2016

Monthly Round-Up (Reviews, articles and more) - December 2016

Happy Holidays everyone!

Now, I'm introducing a new running feature on this blog: a monthly update on all my reviews, articles and other tidbits that aren't my creative projects. This will help ensure a regularity of content, as well as an easy list to access for finding certain works.

As always, you can also keep up with my Official Facebook, for even more news and updates as they happen relating to projects:

So, onto my newest pieces and reviews. First off, I've started reviewing novels on Blasting News UK. Specifically, Sherlock Holmes books. First, the South African tale of diamonds and murder, 'Murder at Sorrow's Crown':

Next, an American tale involving a Holmes imposter in 'The Counterfeit Detective':

And finally, Sherlock and Tarzan meet in the very jokey 'The Peerless Peer' from sci-fi legend Philip Jose Farmer:

Now, for a new first, I do a trailer reaction and review for 'Spider-Man Homecoming':

Over on ThirdActFilm, I review the 2001 thriller 'The Pledge', starring Jack Nicholson:

An article on The Sweatbox, a documentary about Sting and the troubled production of Disney's 'The Emperor's New Groove':

An article on Doctor Who's future under Chris Chibnall, in light of recent news:

And lastly, I review the 1998 thriller spoof 'Wrongfully Accused', starring Leslie Nielsen:

Also, be sure to check out the ongoing journey of my own animated series, Agents In Odd (nay Very Strange Things), here:

It's been a long and trying year, but I'm always looking ahead and building myself up. Enjoy and, once again, have a very, very Happy Christmas.

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