Sunday, 29 January 2017

Monthly Round-Up (Reviews, articles and more) - January 2017

Well, it's a little later than I would've liked, but at last, I'm updating you on all the goodies in January, and where to find them..

As always, you can keep up with my Official Facebook page, for all news and updates relating to me and my projects:

So, first up, reviews for all episodes of Series 4 of BBC's Sherlock. To start, The Six Thatchers review on Blasting News:

And next, a two for one deal with The Lying Detective and The Final Problem reviews:

Over on, I review one of the year's first, and best, films, A Monster Calls:

Next, I do a WHOCAP on 4 New to Classic Who Recommendations:

Then, a review of 1975's Royal Flash, based on the Flashman novels:

An article on my thoughts on Noel Clarke's Brotherhood, the third and final part of the Hood trilogy:

More goodies over on my SavageScribe DA Profile:

Get your copy of Time Shadows here and support a really good cause for the disabled:

Also, be sure to check out the ongoing journey of my own animated series, Agents In Odd (nay Very Strange Things), here (fun ahead!):

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