Saturday, 13 May 2017

A 'State of the projects' address (13/5/17)

So, a quick update on the world beyond reviews (which you will be updated on, as always, later this month) and what I've been up to in terms of my own creative efforts:

  • First term at Met Film School is done, with the second well underway. I developed a fun little fantasy comedy about demons in an office that helped reaffirm my love of creative writing, as well as the proper processes to generate it. Generic and overused as it is to say, I was fortunate to have a great class, great atmosphere, and great teaching. Even saw Andy Serkis' car one time as I was walking out of the facilities (and I can't say more than that, lest I breach some rule).
  • My children's novel, 'Eyes of Ra' has now completed its fourth draft, finished in an outstanding five days. I hadn't touched it in over two months, so this was a rather exciting, as well as refreshing, endeavour to work on. I even had some notes handy froma trusted individual from my school days who really know her way around a story.
  • I've been drafted in to help develop a feature: a pseudo sci-fi comedy adventure tale set at a university. Can't say much more than that at the moment, as its still in the treatment stage, but the producers are young, really game and determined so, 'break a leg', that this becomes something big and very, very rewarding. It'll be a lot of work, make no mistake, but every step counts in this type of business.
And well, that's all from me.

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