Monday, 12 September 2016

A Book And A Plan (12/9/16)

Well, back now from a much needed adjournment to Spain and ready for new writing challenges. So, what to expect for the remainder of 2016?

As mentioned before, more content will be coming on, so be sure to check there every week for a new review or editorial. Also, new work will start on Very Strange Things before long, so that should be very exciting and refreshing, and, to add to a growing list, now I´ll be attempting my first novel. I've even got my dear friend Luke Ceranic to whip up some concept art for the titular character, as you can see below:

A children´s adventure tale, at this point just very simply titled Joel, that is a love letter to old school European adventure storytelling, in the tradition of the likes of Verne and Doyle through to Herge and Edgar P. Jacobs. I´ve been steadily working on it since the last days of the trip, and aim to have a workable draft within a month, maybe less. Naturally, as it progresses and evolves, I'll post up updates. Target for a complete novel should be mid 2017, as of this time.

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