Monday, 26 September 2016

Adventure Novel: First Draft complete (26/9/16)

As you may recall from last time, I mentioned that during my summer break, I had begun work on a children´s adventure novel, then simply titled Joel. It is a love letter to old school European adventure storytelling, in the tradition of Herge. I´ve been steadily working on it since then, and am glad to say, the first draft has been cranked out.

For the first time in a good while, my aim to have a workable draft within a month has been met, and I am very chuffed. Naturally, it's rough and rife with all sorts of potential improvements, as well as the slightly longer title of Curse of The Ptolomies. I aim to get more work on it done before 2016 is out, hopefully circa Xmas once a few more things are cleared off my plate.

As said last time, as it progresses and evolves, I'll keep on posting up updates. Sufficed to say, this has been one of the freer and more enjoyable writing experiences I've had in many moons. It was really a chance to let my inner child out and have fun. Possible target for a completed novel should be mid to late 2017, as of this writing and with all digits crossed.

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