Sunday, 5 March 2017

Back To School - Beginning my Masters Degree at Met Film (5/3/17)

Two years after I handed in my last bit of academic work, and now, I'm returning to higher education. I'm getting into film school, specifically the Ealing Studios based Met Film School, for a MA in Screenwriting. The course covers both the process as well as (most importantly for me) the business angle, including the much sought after questions of agents, as well as pitches, development and whatnot. It also offers in-course work experience and a post-grad programme with active industry links.

Like many things in life, this was not an easy decision. Aside from the hefty cost (partially paid for with my own savings from different jobs), I had hoped to be able to achieve my goals once I had left University with just my BA. Call it youthful hubris, or just plain arrogance, but I've tried going alone for two years, and it hasn't worked. Pitch after pitch has collapsed, never mind the slew of projects that never made it or I couldn't crack. As time went on, though I didn't want to admit it, I needed someone bigger, smarter and more experienced than me, to make things happen and show me a potentially better path.

The course runs from March 2017 to this time next year. Don't know yet if it'll also require a running log like Middlesex, so whether or not I'll be actively archiving what goes on I can't say yet. 

So, the next question arises: how will this affect online content for ThirdAct, Blasting News, Youtube etc.? Thankfully, I have a bunch of stuff already prepared ahead of time, including a double bill of Kong reviews, a list related to Beauty and The Beast, another Robin Williams movie review and, of course, weekly reviews for S10 of Doctor Who when it hits in April. Pitching for Agents In Odd will also slow for a time, though it'll never be far from my mind.

Buckling up right now, because things are about to get bumpy, but undeniably, exciting too...

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