Saturday, 9 November 2019

Got my first development credit - Never the Bride

Well, this one's been kept under wraps for a while (forgive the pun). Well, I can now reveal to the world, and random internet stragglers, that I'm adapting the cult-horror-fantasy novel Never the Bride by acclaimed SF author Paul Magrs for Free@Last TV (the minds behind Sky One's Agatha Raisin, as well as a cornucopia of cool things cooking away right now) into a television series. 

It's a delightfully mad series about the life-after-life of the Bride of Frankenstein (yes, that one), Brenda, living as the retired owner of a simple BnB, down in Whitby Bay. Wouldn't you know it, she's also next door to what are, basically, the gates of Hell (or, even more tastefully dubbed, the Bitch's Maw). Welp, there goes the neighbourhood... Now it's up to her and her white witch friend and perpetual tutter of all that walks, Effie, to combat supernatural threats to the sleepy town.

It's been an honour to be working on Bride, having been a fan of Paul's work for many years (his Iris Wildthyme plays for Big Finish are so utterly bonkers and charming, as are his many contributions to Doctor Who), as well as just being a big lover of old school British genre and pulp fiction. Naturally, I can't say a whole lot at this stage about the project or what we're doing with it, but sufficied to say, we really want to capture the off-kilter spirit of the books and present our main duo to a whole new audience to fall in love with.

Now, I have to give out some big thanks to head honchos David and Barry at Free@Last for reading my specs and saying, 'yep, this fella'. They took a big leap of faith on me, as a relatively new writer, and for that I am truly and deeply grateful. My only desire is to make the best show I can and expose more people to Paul's brilliance.

When more news arises, you'll be the first to know, so hang tight and sip some hot cocoa or fry up some whitebait... 

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  1. Made up for you man. You deserve the shot. Only yhingbive ever fancied writting a screenplay on (which wasnt my own) is Dragon's Egg .

    Nothing to do with dragons.. or eggs I believe.